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The International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists

501(c)(6) non-profit tax exempt educational organization

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The IAACN is the Professional Membership Organization of practicing clinical nutritionists in many health care professions who strive to attain the highest standards of competency and practice. For over two decades members of the IAACN have demonstrated a passion for serving their fellow man and communities by their efforts to improve  health and nutritional well being. IAACN is committed to making a real difference in the quality of life of practitioners and their patients. IAACN recognizes each individual’s innate ability to heal and sustain health  and is committed to the exploration and support of that process. 

The IAACN draws the visionary, purpose-driven, compassionate individual who wants to become an exceptional healthcare giver. This achiever practitioner welcomes the opportunity to access well articulated, vital training from industry magnets. These scientific tools become the keys to unlock a difficult case. 

The organizational goals of the IAACN are designed to set the stage for a network of experienced clinical practitioners, by providing a powerful and exhilarating cutting age nutritional program that offers  up to date nutritional, biochemical and physiological protocols.  This life-time training is a statement of values which cultivates the personal and professional talents of practitioners,  so that they might provide even more meaningful service to the world.

A CODE OF ETHICS – The IAACN promulgates a code of Professional Ethics by which members must abide. To view the CCN Code of Professional Ethics.

CERTIFICATION – Clinical Nutrition Certification is possible of participants upon meeting the ascribed criteria for applicants, completion of training, and upon passing the Examination provided under the sponsorship of the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB). The CCN Online Examination and re-certification process has become the National Standard for professional clinical nutrition competency. To view CCN requirements, click here.

LEGISLATION – The IAACN actively monitors legislation that impacts the field of nutrition and dietetics. The organization supports and promotes the most effective coordinated legislative action on state and national, and international levels.

PUBLIC EDUCATION – CCN members of the IAACN provide public education on the health benefits if proper nutrition, recognition of environmental and dietary toxic burden, detoxification, and the therapeutic use of nutritional and nutriceutical supplementation. Venues include and are not limited to schools and church groups, as well as support groups for conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia, mental health disorders & degenerative neurological diseases, autoimmune and immune imbalances, arthritis and inflammatory problems, gastrointestinal & digestive disturbances, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and anti-aging. The public is also served when CCNs teach continuing education for health care providers such as physicians, dentists, advance practice nurses and PAs, pharmacists, naturopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists and others on functional medicine so that they can expand their current concepts to better facilitate healing.

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION – The IAACN is an organizational member of the prestigious International Associations for Continuing Education and Training. The IAACN provides continuing education courses within our Annual Scientific Symposium to update practitioners on the latest technical research and assessment techniques.

MEMBER FORUMS – The IAACN Annual Scientific Symposium conference is designed for the purpose of personal growth, networking, and idea exchange.


2017 IAACN Membership Application 

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